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Tracking down a good paint store.

Finding a good paint store is a must if you are looking at doing any amount of work on your car, beyond just repairing small chips or scratches, and especially if you are looking at the fancier end of the matter- customising, painting more than one color, or putting designs onto your chassis. In some ways, this is common sense- if you are thinking of having your battered old run-around re-painted with flames coming off the wheel-arches, a personal logo and picture of yourself on the door, and the image of a woman who looks like Jessica Rabbit draped across the bonnet, then obviously, you want to be dealing with people who know what they are doing! Even if your demands are modest, however, it is worth making sure you are talking to the right people, before to you entrust them with the repainting of your car, or buy paint from them. Remember, you are a consumer, and their job is to give you what you want at a price you are comfortable with. Do not be intimidated by jargon, and always bear in mind that you hold ultimate veto- if you are not happy with the paint store you are dealing

with, then you are well within your rights to take your business elsewhere. Another point worth bearing in mind is that a mistake, or a horrible paint job, takes a lot more effort to put right. The lesson to take from all of this- make sure you are making an informed choice!

There is plenty of information out there, too, if you know where to look. Ask your friends and family- have they got anyone they can recommend, are there any horror stories associated with particular paint shops? Local knowledge is really important. If you live in a town, and you are doing mods and things like that, you will probably find some loose community of people who are interested in the same thing in your area, try and plug into that. Most enthusiasts are all too happy (some can be a little too happy!) to talk about their interest with someone else, and to pass on advise. Be careful, though, some might be all too happy, and you might find yourself stuck spending hours listening to someone talk with great passion about the difference between glit green and grass green on their 1979 car! One way to do this at your leisure, and to avoid such perils and pitfalls, is to look for a forum online- you'll be surprised at how many helpful people are out there willing to give advice. Of course, always take anything someone says about a local paint shop with a pinch of salt- people who work in paint shops do tend to contribute or even moderate or run these forums, and some person calling himself Paintlover65 who is saying great things about Dave's Auto Paint Store just down the road from you, could well be the eponymous Dave for all you know!

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