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The benefits of dealing directly with a paint shop, when conducting car repairs.

If you are likely to have a number of paint jobs to do on various different vehicles, or perhaps thinking of doing paint jobs on vehicles on a professional basis, one step in getting yourself set up which will pay dividends down the line, and is an absolute must for the professional, is to find one's self a decent paint shop. Take a look at any street full of traffic; car paint colours vary tremendously, from one to the next; things have come a long way from Henry Ford's promise that one could have any colour you like, as long as it's black! Different manufacturers, different product lines, and even variations in the factory mix over time, have produced a staggering number of combinations and possibilities out there on the road. Even two silver cars from different manufacturers can sometimes have subtly different shades to their paint job. It is fairly obvious, then, that you need to be very particular about what paint you are using for your repair job. Finding a reliable and flexible paint shop, which can get the right colours for you, is a must.

There are several ways to find what colour of paint you need. You can order this in from a number of sites online, and this can be slightly cheaper, but when you are ordering things online, you always run the risk of receiving something in the post that is not the right colour, and the consequent hassle of sending it back. With a paint shop, at least you can talk to a person face to face. All cars will have a code denoting the exact paint colour, somewhere on their chassis. This will usually be in an unpainted spot like the doorframe, and should be fairly easy to find. The owner's manual should tell you where this is. Hand this info over to your local paint shop. They may, if you are lucky, have a colour that matches it in stock. This is more likely if the car is a recent model, and painted one of a set of standard colours. If your car is a popular model in a relatively normal colour, shops may already have stocks of that particular shade, especially if you are dealing with a paint shop that is attached to a dealership for that manufacturer. This, as well as being more convenient and taking less time to do, may also mean that they may be able to buy it wholesale, which of course can cost less than buying the smaller amount that you as an individual would need. If your paint job is something other than pearl, that can help, as well- the standard gloss and metallic colours are a lot more commonly available. If you have a more unusual colour- perhaps a classic colour from a limited edition, or just an older car, then they may not have it. That takes time, but a good paint shop will not take longer than a week or two.

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