Paint Colors

How to track down the correct paint colors.

If you are painting a car from scratch, either as a repair or simply a custom job, you will want to consider a number of things- the amount of money you want to spend, any rust-proofing or humidity protection issues, and perhaps most importantly, the choice of paint colors - what do you actually want your car to look like? Your decision will be influenced by all of these things- it is not simply a case of red over blue, metallic over gloss. As well, it is worth noting that most of the time, unless you are shelling out the money to have a unique color done as part of a custom job, most people will be using paint colors that already exist- perhaps from other people's cars, or maybe re-capturing a classic look. for yourself. This article will be a guide to finding your paint color online.

If you need to find the correct paint colour for your car, this is one area in which the internet can be a surprisingly helpful tool. Sites abound, created by enthusiasts, manufacturers, and garages, dedicated to listing the different types of paint colour that exist, and did exist, at various points in time. This is especially useful, of course, to the enthusiast who is looking to repaint a classic car; it is something of a given that if you are one of these people, the internet will have others like you online who are either talking about, or have already listed, the color you need. There even exist colour matching sites where you can simply type in the details of your vehicle, the time it was produced, and give an approximate description of the paint job, and get a fairly detailed response, listing the possible options it could be, the name of the color, and most importantly the paint code.

What the paint code is requires some explanation. It is simply the reference number used by the manufacturer to refer to each particular paint color. Typically, paint colors will have a name as well, such as Russet Green, or Tudor Red, which is useful when referring to them in conversation, and easier to remember than a more abstract series of numbers and letters. What makes the code more important is the fact that it is what you would need to hand to a paint shop to enable them to get an exact match. The way a paint code is made up is not universal- different manufacturers use different types of code to denote the various and varying qualities of the product, but as long as you know who made the paint in the first place, they will be able to match it- even if paint colors fall out of use, a complete record of all the ones that have previously been used, and more importantly how to remix them for paint orders, will be held in the company records. Take this to a paint shop, and they can then fulfil your order.

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