Some of the reasons you may need shop paint.

When you have bought a new car, it is tempting to think that it will remain pristine and unblemished forever, its colour shining out for the duration of its life, and that a shop paint will never have to be applied to its beautiful surfaces. The manufacturer has done their work and that will be enough. You, the owner, will take wonderful care of it and ensure nothing unpleasant and damaging ever comes near your new pride and joy.

Of course, reality has a way of intervening, even for the most careful of car owners. You may have some cyclist scrape past you at a traffic light, making a horrendous foot-long graze. You may need to replace a bumper, after an impact with a lamp-post you didn't see when reversing, or replace a damaged panel. If you start to get really into car ownership, you may want to give your vehicle a brand new paint job that makes it stand out on the roads. Whatever your reason, if you are going to work on your car's paint job, it is important to know about where you are shopping for your paint, and what kind of paint you need. It is also useful, unless money is no object, to shop around for the best deal on paint available.

You will need several layers. First off, a layer of primer, which is painted onto the car's sanded surface. Secondly, a base coat, which contains within itself the actual pigmentation, which determines what colour the paint job will be. Depending upon the type of shop paint you use, you may need to put on several layers- most vehicles have quite a thick coating of their base coat, and if you need the paint to repair dings and chips, then it is important to match the thickness of the paint around it to make it blend in. Finally, there will be a layer of lacquer on the top of the vehicle.

Factor into this extra costs such as sandpaper to smooth down the area you are painting, and any equipment such as a spray gun that you may wish to use, and you can see that cost can mount up. It is also recommended by some guides that you use cellulose thinner to get the consistency of paint that you want. Protective gear like gloves and masks, are required. These are all important, but when you go to the shop paint is still the main expense.

There are other considerations too. It is important to check, when you shop, that the paint you are buying is compliant with the regulations of the country you are operating in. Remember that the paint you are buying is a chemical compound, and thus subject to legal restrictions. This is especially worth bearing in mind if you are buying from an online shop- paint sourced from outside of the EU may contravene regulations inside of Europe, for example. It should always state this, if it is the case.

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