Car Paint

The importance of buying the correct car paint.

Car paint is expensive, if bought from the wrong sources. It is costly, too, when there is a small job to be done, to simply hand your car over to the garage and watch them charge you a large amount for painting over a small scratch. Similarly, a really top-level job can cost thousands of pounds! It is all too easy to assume that the owner can't do it for himself. It isn't that hard. It is simply a matter of selecting the correct paint for your car, and knowing what you are doing. There are free guides in various places online to the techniques one needs to employ. As with anything, however, getting your tools right is the way forward! If you are doing quite a big paint job, it can take a lot of time, and you really don't want to look at your end result, having got it wrong!

One of the most important things is to get your initial selection of car paint right, whether it is a small blemish that is being touched up, or a whole section.

Most popular car shops will sell touch-up pens for tiny marks, but these are less effective than actually having the paint, especially on larger scratches. It is fairly easy to get a can of car paint for under £20 (depending upon the actual finish), and it is then a simple matter to paint over the issue, (taking appropriate care of course, putting on several base coats) and apply a lacquer finish. One thing to watch out for is that the paint matches what is there already on your car. If you aren't getting the right colour, your paint job will really stand out! One way to make sure that this doesn't happen is to ask a shop to mix up the appropriate colour for you; this is something any dealership will do for you. You can also get a match by looking for the car paint code, which will be located on some point on the interior of your car- the doorjamb, or the trunk, or somewhere else tucked out of sight. Have a look for it, and if you can't locate this, your car's manual should tell you. Of course, you may be opting to go for something completely new, to wow and amaze your friends (and enemies)!

If you are looking to paint a larger area, then it may be worth looking for aerosol paint- these come at about £10 for a 400ml can, although you will need to use a large number of them if you are doing your whole car. It is a cheap alternative to using a spray-gun, however. Another consideration is that there are a number of types of paint- Direct Gloss, Metallic and Pearlescent, to name just a few finish types. The price will vary with which type you are buying, with a Direct Gloss being generally the cheapest, and then Metallic a bit more, and Pearlescent the most expensive.

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