Car Paint Store

What to look for in a Car Paint Store

When you are starting to think about doing any cosmetic work at all on your car, it is worth finding a car paint store that you trust can provide you with everything you need. You will have to weigh up the pros and cons of this for yourself, of course, but the most important thing is to ensure that you have a reliable supply of the paint you want at a price that you will be happy to pay. In most situations, the normal car owner will only need enough paint to complete relatively small projects- you'll just be patching over the odd chip or scrape, nothing too major. In that case, the only real things you need from a car paint store are a manageable amount of the paint in the right colour, and the right brush. Most major online car stores, and garages, do small repair kits that cost around ten to fifteen pounds in the UK. That's pretty good value for money when compared to buying a load of materials and equipment, and if that's your situation it's probably worth just popping in to your local major store (we'll leave you to decide who those are, you're bound to have heard of them and we don't need to give them free advertising here!)

If your priorities are different, however, it may be worth your while trying to find a smaller car paint store near you. There are many situations in which this is a benefit; if you are re-painting a car from scratch, looking at an unusual project, or perhaps looking to go into this business yourself, small stores may be better. Whilst the larger chains are good, the solutions they provide tend to be standardised. An independent car paint store will be able to cater to your requests and ideas with a much higher degree of flexibility, and create custom paints and paint jobs with much greater ease. Now, that doesn't have to mean some enormous pimp job involving flames down the side and speakers that deafen people from continents away (though of course if you do want that, an independent store is definitely the way to go!), it can be just that you have a perfectly good vehicle, and you'd like it to look a little better, or maybe you're just particular about what you want. Whatever your situation, you'll find that the more interesting your project is, and the more specific your needs for a paint job are, the better off you'll be going to a smaller store. The people there will better equipped to deal with individual requests, and will also, typically, be happy to chat about ideas, techniques, and pass on tips if you're doing the work yourself.

Obviously, you should be careful of the rip-off, but these are few and far between. Places like that don't stay in business long. Just use your common sense, and always ask questions, and once you have found a store you trust, you'll be fine!

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