Body Repair Paint

The important of body repair paint jobs.

If your car has been damaged, then you will find that body repair paint will be one of several costs you will be looking at. Any scratches, bumps, dents or chips will have to get through the paint job to impact on the metal, and an impact strong enough to alter the shape of a metal panel will typically cause a paint job to flake and crack. This can sometimes be the most noticeable effect of a collision or a stone, and it may sometimes be tempting just to re-touch the paint and ignore a slight dent. Commonly, however, if there is actual damage to the bodywork of your vehicle, then the repainting is something that you can't just do straight away. If you have a bump, for example, there is no point in simply painting over and just hoping that will be fine, even if it's a small one that isn't that noticeable, as the irregularity of the panel's shape may mean that the body repair paint job does not go on smoothly. If you have anything like a gloss, metallic, or pearl finish, then any bumps or dents will be highlighted, and far from enhancing your car's look, the paint will simply emphasise the damage. Remember, the shinier paint jobs are designed to draw attention to the contours of your vehicle!

Similarly, if there is scoring on the metal, from someone's wing mirror or perhaps a key (yes, there are jealous people in the world, we may as well admit that!), then that will be painfully obvious if you just paint over it. The first thing you should be looking to get done is the body repair. Paint jobs are the icing on the cake. They are done when any other things that are wrong with the car's surfaces have been put to rights.

We should probably take a moment to define the difference between body repair and the paint job. Car people, like any other group of professionals and enthusiasts, use a lot of jargon, and this can sometimes lead to miscommunication, especially if you are, say, a first-time car owner who's never had to set foot in a garage and ask for work to be done before! Of course, a good professional should always be happy to explain their terms to the layman, but there are rude individuals out there, and in any rate, it saves time and cuts down on unnecessary misunderstandings if you know how to refer to things.

The paint job, as a mechanic will refer to it, actually includes some of the preparation. Sanding the car, in other words just smoothing the surface down and removing minor scratches before the first coat of primer goes on, is part of the body repair paint job. Body repair is the first part- it's anything that involves significantly re-shaping the surface. If there is a panel to be replaced, this is bodywork. So is any filling in with putty, bondo, or any other shaping agent.

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