Auto Body Dealer Paint Repair

Things to consider when repairing your car; auto body dealer paint repair options and how to keep a car's value.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes a car will, through no fault of its driver, be in a collision, and in that situation, to get structural damage fixed, they will need to consider getting an auto body dealer paint repair. They can quote you a price for just that aspect of the work, but there will other considerations as well. Re-touching, knocking any ‘dings' out of panels, replacement of damaged sections of the car, are all part of the work of re-touching. Even a small collision can mean that a bumper needs replacing. These kind of major repairs are best carried out by a trained professional (or very experienced amateur) working out of a garage or workshop. It's certainly a lot more work than simply re-painting the car! The only problem with this is that the price you will be quoted for this will include the labour time for the mechanic. This, although galling, is what a car owner will just have to accept, unless they have the skills to perform the task at home. Let's be honest, though, major repair jobs are not exactly on a par with putting up shelves, and the stakes are higher, too; when one is talking about something as expensive as a car, Some things really are left to the professionals!

On the smaller jobs, however, auto body dealer paint repair work is not actually all that difficult, and can be done by the driver. Once you know what you're doing, it's easy, and can be seen as part of what needs doing on a car. What's not often appreciated is that re-painting a car really is routine maintenance, as the paint on a car is there for a reason. Apart from the purely cosmetic consideration, that a smoothly-painted car will look a lot better than some battered old thing with half its colour scheme chipped off, paint acts as an insulating layer against the elements, and if a surface is chipped or scuffed, this layer is then broken, inviting the growth of rust. This is why it is just as important to ensure that scratches and chips in hard to see places are painted, as those on more obvious spots like the bonnet, or doors. A keen car owner will spend as much time ensuring that these spots are resolved as they do on more obvious blemishes, knowing that to do so in the short term means less expense in the long term- panels will not rust through and need replacing, and a car will consequently hold its value for longer. Think about it for a second; if you were thinking of buying a second-hand car, and you saw one with lots of chips, and rust patches and corrosion in awkward spots, would you choose to buy it? Whilst the big things are best left to an auto body dealer paint repair is one of those smaller jobs that can be resolved at home for a fraction of the price.

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